Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dev Status

A good start to run is to know where we are.

Compression: abandoned.
Pending: dark & archon support.
Ideas: doubling BWT sort on GPU/OpenCL.

Artificial Intelligence: abandoned.
Pending: NN self-development, experiments.
Ideas: rewrite in Boo + OpenTK.

Graphics: active.
Focus: kri, shading, computations.

Work: active.
Focus: physics, fur, water.

Internet: active.
Focus: project storage.

Network: abandoned.
Pending: marian, dracon & farpost support.
Ideas: password hash cracking on GPU.

Well, you can see lots of abandoned areas with interesting projects. What can I say... it's all about games, work & private life. I hope to revive at least some of them in future.


  1. A bit more descriptions on each project would be great for unfamiliar readers, Gena :)

  2. Good idea. I'll make another dev status update, which will include Google Code links and updated descriptions.