Tuesday, July 24, 2012

KriWeb project future


KriWeb is my hobby 3D engine, the 4-th incarnation of KRI technology. I've been working on it for the last half a year in my spare time. Recently, I finished implementing the heart of the concept - shader composing pipeline.


In short, shader compositor was designed to decouple rendering technique code from the material and mesh modifiers. The material provides a set of functions to the pixel shader, which are used by the technique shader code. The technique knows how to apply an arbitrary stack of geometry modifiers (e.g. skeletal animation, morphing, displacement). without knowing anything about the actual modifiers used by the entity. The shader compositor assembles all these parts together in a linked shader program, that is associated with the entity.

As an example, we can imagine a material that provides a pure BRDF function. A technique knows about scene lights, and uses this BRDF to evaluate lights contribution to a surface point. An underlying mesh gets modified by, to say, a skeletal animation. These pieces of functionality will be glued together automatically to display a shiny animated object for you. While the Demo already shows it working, a better one could be made to harness the full power of shader compositing.


Now it is time for me to evaluate the path I made, and to figure out the vector of progression for the nearest future. With all KRI incarnations (as with most of existing hobby engines), there was always a big issue chasing me - the lack of application. I was dodging it as I could, but in the end the engine dies without an application. I don't want to see KriWeb old and weak after several years of development. If it is to die, let it die young, and remember its technology shining brighter than the sun.

In other words, I don't want to continue the development of KriWeb until the real application is found. It may be either my own new project, or a cooperation with someone, but it has to be something good. It's not like I have a lot of free time now - working at Rockstar is pretty close to a dream job, and my skills are needed there in full while making the next big thing. Cheers!

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