Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mind shield

Travelling helps to get a clear view over the strange world we live in. Now I understand what Hollywood is, along with many other parties, as the idea hit me like a truck. And my position towards big names will never be the same again.

The ultimate goal of each corporation as well many organizations is to get your wallet. However, selling things and services directly may not be the best way to achieve it. Instead, they strike for your heart because it opens the doors to much more than just money. I'm talking about Hollywood, church, Apple, Google, governments and charity. They want you to like them, to consider them for your choice, to talk about them with your friends, to think about them at night. They want to be a part of your mind.

Humans are weird creatures. They consider themselves to be smart, but they barely understand how the environment shapes their minds. An average human does not even try to control the development of its brain, of its consciousness. And the brain just absorbs stuff chaotically, whatever happens to get in.

The story of Hollywood is simple. Long ago there was a cinema. Actors were servants, they didn't earn much, they were not recognized by random people, they were nothing at that point. And then a smart man came in and decided to change the role of the actors in the movie of life. From now on, he said, actors will be respected and well paid. He made people like them, love them and buy them. Clearly, he understood the "get into your heart" business model. As we see now, it turned out to be hugely successful. We have favourite actors, we know a lot of movies, and we pay insane amount of money to watch them at theatres. Movie business is blossoming, and every child now wants to be an actor in the future...

Let's figure out how we could protect our hearts. First off, don't watch too much of the TV. Try to evade any kind of advertising on TV, radio and on the Internet. Allocate a small part of your brain to be independent, to interrupt the flow of thoughts periodically with a simple question: "Do you really need to watch/listen/think about that?". Finally, pay more attention to stuff that really matters to you: science, art, family, philosophy, health, etc.

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